Unbox PH delivered 6.2M for brand partners in one day!

Last year, Unbox PH delivered a staggering sale of 6.2 million for brand partners during the Lazada 11.11 sale.

Every year, Lazada Philippines – the top online shopping site in the country, holds the biggest and most anticipated annual year-end shopping event during the fourth quarter. Online shoppers can get the best deals and craziest value for their money.

Through affiliate marketing, Unbox PH was able to deliver millions in just one day!

Unbox PH is one of the original content creators of Unbox Creator Network (UCN).

This only proves that here at UCN, we don’t just measure likes, views, and comments; we measure in actual sales.

Not only that, we were able to reach a total of 175M+ combined views across all our exclusive talents for 2020.

Last year was indeed challenging with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, but UCN continues to provide value and excellence to its brand partners and content creators.

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Partner Creator

Kat may look like the girl next door but make no mistake, she’s a tough one. She’s a Nike Training Club Trainer, a CrossFit Coach, Flyweight Instructor, and she’s also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Her IG feed tells a story of how we can enjoy life more when we’re healthy!

Instagram : 6,100+ followers and growing

Facebook : 1,300+ followers and growing


Partner Creator

Alodia is the Queen of Cosplay and the #1 streamer in the Philippines. A self-confessed nerd, she is always on the lookout for new tech. Over 7.6 million follower.

Youtube : 1.8 million + subscribers

Instagram : 1.6 million + followers

Facebook : Over 7.6 million followers

Tiktok :1.4 million + followers


Eason, the man behind Hungry Geeks, is an expert in the tech industry. While his content focuses mainly on smart home automation and home entertainment, he occasionally publishes videos giving an in-depth analysis on the tech industry. His channel is inspired by geeks hungry mostly for tech but also for food, movies, events and cars.

Youtube : 6,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 1,600+ followers

Facebook : 32,800+ followers


The only female smartphone reviewer focusing on mobile games.

Youtube : 6,600+ subscribers

Instagram : 4,100+ followers

Facebook : 1,000+ followers

Tiktok : 3,800+ follower


The biggest TikTok tech content creator focusing on pink, cute or kawaii gadgets.

Youtube : 18,400+ subscribers

Instagram : 317,000+ followers

Facebook : 262,300+ followers

Tiktok : 6.3 M+ followers

Ida Paras


While most women avoid building “too much muscle”, Ida advocates for strength for women. She offers intelligent and practical information for the ladies who want to be the best version of themselves.

Instagram : 15,400+ followers

Tiktok : 8,400+ followers


Kayleen is our resident pole champion. She’s an advocate of self love and believes that fitness can come in any shape. Her content showcases her creativity, love of movement and desire for everybody to be #MightyFit.

Instagram : 23,800+ followers

Facebook : 9,300+ followers

Tiktok : 178,400+ followers


Aileene is the go-to girl for all the latest diet trends. She creates videos to lay down the facts, explain the ins-and-outs, and give you tips to help on your weight loss journey.

Youtube : 211,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 6,300+ followers

Facebook : 198,000+ followers

Tiktok : 111.5K followers


Jacob is one of the fastest rising fitness content creators in the PH. He’s a certified sports nutrition coach, adding credibility to his workout plans, diet guides and real talk about health.

Youtube : 215,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 35,400+ followers

Tiktok : 25,400+ followers


Carlo is the #1 Hype Tech and Sneaker YouTube Content Creator in the Philippines. He is also a successful digital entrepreneur, an accomplished corporate executive, and shares his passion for sneakers, life, and tech on YouTube and Instagram.

Youtube : 771,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 220,000+ followers

Facebook : 105,700+ followers

Tiktok : 40,000+ follower


Partner Creator

Chinkee is one of the most sought-after finance gurus in the Philippines. He is a motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a wealth coach, a radio anchor and a YouTube content creator who teaches financial concepts in a way that everybody can understand.

Youtube : Over 1.73 million subscribers

Instagram : 256,000+ followers

Facebook : 4.1M+ followers 256,000+ follower

Tiktok : 739,700+ followers


The name says it all. If you want to see some of the sexiest broll in the local tech scene that highlights the look of the gadget, Marvin’s your guy.

Youtube : 44,900+ subscribers

Instagram : 1,000+ followers

Facebook : 44,900+ subscribers


Ungeek is one of the fastest growing geek and gaming platforms in the Philippines. They approach tech in a style suitable to geeks, making it more relatable to the community. They believe that the future belongs to the geeks!

Youtube : 18,000+ subscribers

Facebook : 70,800+ followers


Gian of Gadget Pilipinas has been creating tech content since 2010. He specializes on explainer videos, talking about the the “hows” and “whys” of technology.

Youtube : 52,400+ subscribers

Instagram : 4,600+ followers

Facebook : 98,500+ followers

Tiktok : 11,600+ followers


Jam is your techie boy next door. A true blue gamer, he tests out the gaming capabilities of smartphones and other gaming consoles

Youtube : 52,100+ subscribers

Instagram : 2,700+ followers

Facebook : 42,800+ followers

Tiktok : 8,200+ followers


The laptop guy of UCN, Alvin talks about the best laptops for students, home offices and gaming depending on your budget.

Youtube : 200,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 15,100+ followers

Facebook : 9,000+ followers

Tiktok : 4,000+ followers


Isa is the lifestyle tech girl of UCN. She talks about tech to empowered women and showcases features that matter to them.

Youtube : 88,300+ subscribers and growing

Instagram : 21,100+ followers

Facebook : 35,000+ followers

Tiktok : 135,300+ followers


Jayson helps his viewers make the most out of their existing gadgets by recommending the best accessories for their everyday carry. His content complements the videos of the rest of the Tech Mob.

Youtube : 78,200+ subscribers

Instagram : 13,600+ followers

Facebook : 1,800+ followers

Tiktok : 4,000+ followers


Liz is the tech queen of the Visayas and Mindanao region. Focusing on entry-level to mid-range devices, she helps her viewers get the most out of their money with their tech purchases.

Youtube : 533,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 24,400+ followers

Facebook : 98,000+ followers

Tiktok : 7,800+ followers


Mary is the #1 Tech YouTuber in the Philippines. With her girl next door appeal and tagalog as her main language, she makes tech relatable to every Filipino.

Youtube : Over 1.6 million subscribers

Instagram : 150,000+ followers

Facebook : 166,000+ followers

Tiktok : 565k + follower


One of the most light-hearted tech reviewers in the Philippines, Poy injects humor in all of his content but doesn’t miss a beat on the important stuff. He’s our Tech Kuya. #AskKuyaPoy

Youtube : 199,000 subscribers

Instagram : 1,600+ followers

Facebook : 8,900+ followers

Tiktok : 7,700+ followers


While he’s relatively new in the tech space, Raymond of Hardware Voyage is gaining traction among techies and non-techies alike because of his technical reviews that are done in a friendly manner. While focusing on smartphones, he occasionally creates content on home tech and PCs.

Youtube : 106,000+ subscribers

Facebook : 7,000+ followers


Partner Creator

An athlete, surfer and advocate of plant-based diet, Cassie aims to give her viewers a daily dose of FITSPIRATION to help with their goals to live healthier & happier lives.

Youtube : 1,520+ followers

Instagram : 6,400+ followers

Facebook : 4,000+ followers


UCN’s aerial athlete, Ruth, aka littlefitbella shows that with discipline and determination, it’s possible to excel in your 9 to 5 while pursuing your passions.

Instagram : 8,300+ followers


Partner Creator

You may know Alvin and Bernadette from their TV show, Salamat Dok. Now, their talk show on health and wellness is available online! Thank you, Doc is an informative channel that allows viewers to learn straight from the experts.

Instagram : 249,000+ followers (Bernadette Sembrano)

Instagram : 24,100+ followers (Alvin Elchico)

Facebook : 3,200+ followers (TY Doc)

Facebook : 254,200+ followers (Bernadette Sembrano)


Partner Creator

Melissa creates fitness plans and motivates her viewers to stay active even from home. She is a professional volleyball player and shares her love for fitness through her social pages.

Youtube : 13,300+ subscribers

Instagram : 204,000+ followers

Facebook : 235,000+ followers


Partner Creator

The number one Zumba dance / workout channel in the Philippines with over 2.6M followers!

Youtube : 2.75 million+ subscribers

Instagram : 31,900+ followers

Facebook : 143,100+ followers


Kayleen and Ruthie are your acro loving sisters. They are both pole and aerial athletes who just love to share their passion for movement and creativity. They are the ultimate #sistersgoals!

Tiktok : 36,600+ followers


Dennis and Thammie Sy are a couple who advocate for overall wellness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dennis is a pastor, a best-selling author and a keynote speaker. Thammie is his life partner and shares her love for marriage, parenting and homemaking in her blog.

Youtube : 11,400+ subscribers

Instagram : 14,400+ followers

Facebook : 18,400+ followers

Tiktok : 185,600+ followers


Kookoo has a fun and well-rounded approach to fitness and wellness. While physical activity is part of it, she incorporates skincare, hobbies and self development. A fit person isn’t just physically strong but emotionally stable and mentally sharp too.

Youtube : 35,400+ subscribers

Instagram : 15,800+ followers

Facebook : 2,700+ followers


Adventure is out there! Levi and Sara are your holistic wellness biking couple. They not only help people get fit physically but mentally and spiritually as well! Their love for adventure and nature is contagious!

Youtube : 10,300+ subscribers and growing

Instagram : 3,900+ followers

Tiktok : 21,900+ followers and growing


Martie is the epitome of a strong, independent woman. Her content showcases not just physical strength but strength of character and determination to keep your eyes on the goal.

Instagram : 10,400+ followers

Tiktok : 57,900+ followers

Kat Aglipay

The Chloe Ting of the Philippines, Kat creates workout videos and diet plans to help women stay slim, active, fit and toned even from home.

Youtube : 479,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 12,100+ followers

Facebook : 12,000+ followers


Ian is all about getting a bang for his buck and the best value for money. From secret shops, the best online deals and the craziest sales out there, he shares his finds and most sulit purchases.

Youtube : 372,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 4,400+ followers

Facebook : 79,800+ followers


Partner Creator

Dennis Sy is a senior pastor, a best-selling author of four books, and has been a keynote speaker at different schools and business organizations like Sunlife, Manulife, Wyeth Philippines, Puregold Conventions and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Youtube : 11,400+ subscribers

Instagram : 14,400+ followers

Facebook : 18,400+ followers

Tiktok : 185,600+ followers


Partner Creator

When it comes to #adulting, Charm is your girl. She gives relatable tips and advice to young people on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and adulting in general.

Youtube : 132,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 11,700+ followers

Facebook : 19,000+ followers

Tiktok : 43,200+ followers


Partner Creator

Marvin is a seasoned stock market trader, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker and the CEO of Stock Smarts Inc. He encourages Filipinos to start investing in stocks and gives practical advice on how to reach financial freedom.

Youtube : 292,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 24,900+ followers

Facebook : 207,000+ followers

Tiktok : 114,700+ followers


With more than three decades of expertise in the financial industry, the author of “No Nonsense Personal Finance: A Step by Step Guide” who sold over 60,000 copies, Randell has become one of the most respected financial coaches in the country. Being an avid advocate of life and personal finance, he pushes for financial inclusivity and uses his influence as the Director of Registered Financial Planner Institute of the Philippines in making this happen.

Youtube : 10,500+ subscribers

Instagram : 17,200+ followers

Facebook : 141,000+ followers


A licensed chemical engineer and financial advisor, Cha a.k.a Miss Invest relates to millenials and young professionals with her fun, snappy and informative TikTok videos. Occasionally, she guests at speaking engagements and shares tips and tricks on how to properly budget, allocate and organize cash flow to afford the ideal lifestyle.

Facebook : 21,061+ followers

Tiktok : 150,100+ followers

KAASENSO (with Gerard & Mich)

This is what Kaasenso with Gerard and Mich is all about. They interview entrepreneurs and finance gurus during their weekly Facebook live.

Youtube : 4,000+ subscribers

Facebook : 11,800+ followers


Realities of adulting, wise personal investments and most sought-after Tita finds, Thea lays them all out in her vlogs injecting chunks of useful information with her expertise as a banker and realtor.

Youtube : 177,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 17,700+ followers

Facebook : 29,000+ followers (Tita Talks PH)

Tiktok : 10,000+ followers


She might be the youngest creator of UCN at the age of 21 but she sure does strike a punch with her growing BreadFam who are all eager to learn more about her financial investment portfolio, crypto trading secrets and self-development journey.

Youtube : 331,000+ subscribers

Instagram : 28,500+ followers

Facebook : 23,220+ followers

Unbox PH

Unbox is the overall tech expert. An OG multimedia publisher with the website as the main platform, they also have a growing YouTube and Facebook base.

Youtube : 224,000+ Subscribers

Facebook : 154,000+ Followers

Website : Over 8 million unique visitors a year

Instagram : 18,900+ followers

Tiktok : 39,500+ followers