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Unbox PH

Legit Tech Couple

Unbox PH The legit tech couple, Jamie and Lea of Unbox PH share a his and hers view of the latest gadgets on the Unbox website and YouTube channel. YT: 130,000+ subscribers

FB: 116,000+ followers
IG: 9,000 + followers
Website: Over 8 million unique visitors a year

Mary Bautista

#1 Tech YouTuber in the Philippines

Mary is the #1 Tech YouTuber in the Philippines. Using Tagalog as her main language in her videos, she makes tech relatable to the average Filipino.

YT: 590,000+ subscribers
FB: 59,000+ followers
IG: 55,700+ followers

Liz Tech

#1 Female Tech YouTuber in the Philippines

Liz is the top Filipina Tech YouTuber . Focusing on entry-level to mid-range devices, she helps her viewers get the most out of their money with their tech

YT: 207,000+ subscribers
FB: 22,000+ followers
IG: 9,500+ followers

Jayson Dionisio

Non-technical Tech Vlogger

Jayson is a fast-growing Lifestyle Tech vlogger. He shares his non-technical perspective on the latest gadgets and devices in his videos.

YT: 47,500+ subscribers
IG: 6,700 followers

Isa Does Tech

Female Tech Lifestyle

7. Isa Does Tech
Isa Does Tech is a woman led YouTube channel which shows off global technology in a lifestyle perspective. It’s all about having a casual approach to technology framed in a way that women and lifestyle users can identify with.

YT: 7,600+ subscribers
FB: 16,500+ followers
IG: 5,800+ followers

Alvin Tries Tech

New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the block, Alvin makes a variety of videos from tech reviews, guides and listicles. With his love for consumer tech, his goal is to help people choose the right gadgets beyond their smartphone.

YT: 7,000+ subscribers
IG: 1,200+ subscribers

Jam Online

Techie Boy Next Door

Jam is your techie boy next door and has been making content about it since he was still a student. He created Jam Online in 2008 and hasn’t stopped sharing what he knows about gadgets ever since. He loves to play Minecraft and give belly rubs to his furchild, Milo.

YT: 33,000+ subscribers
FB: 35,000+ followers

Gadget Pilipinas

Tito of Tech

A certified “Tito” of Tech, Gian, the guy behind Gadget Pilipinas has been creating content about gaming and technology since 2010. He’s a dad to 2 boys who shares his love for tech and anything geeky.

YT: 25,000+ subscribers
FB: 81,000 + followers
IG: 3,000+ followers


Premier Geek Blog

Ungeek is the premier geek blog in the Philippines. They approach tech in a style suitable to geeks, making it more relatable to the community. They firmly believe that the future belongs to the geeks!

YT: 4,500+ subscribers
FB: 62,000+ followers

Chinkee Tan

Trusted Finance Guru

Chinkee is a trusted finance guru in the Philippines. He is a sought-after motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a wealth coach, a radio anchor and a YouTube content creator who teaches his viewers on financial freedom.

YT: 520,000+ subscribers
FB: 2.2 million+ followers
IG: 146,000+ followers

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Queen of Cosplay

Alodia is the Queen of Cosplay and the #1 streamer in the Philippines. A self-confessed nerd, she is always on the lookout for new tech.

YT: 1.27 million subscribers
FB: Over 6.2 million followers
IG: 1.3 million followers

Carlo Ople

#1 Sneaker and Tech YouTuber

Carlo is the #1 Sneaker and Tech YouTube content creator in the Philippines. He is also a highly successful digital entrepreneur, accomplished corporate executive and shares his passion for sneakers, life and tech on YouTube and Instagram.

YT: 588,000+ subscribers
IG: 137,000+ followers
FB: 44,000+ followers

Jacob Alava

Jacob Alava


Jacob is one of the fastest rising fitness content creators in the PH. He’s a certified sports nutrition coach, adding credibility to his workout plans, diet guides and real talk about health.

YT: 161,000+ subscribers
IG: 30,900+ followers
TikTok: 10,800+ followers




Aileene is the go-to girl for all the latest diet trends. She creates videos to lay down the facts, explain the ins-and-outs, and give you tips to help on your weight loss journey.

YT: 177,000+ subscribers
FB: 120,000+ followers
IG: 5,200+ followers
TikTok: 48,500+ followers

Kayleen Ortiz


Kayleen is our resident pole champion. She’s an advocate of self love and believes that fitness can come in any shape. Her content showcases her creativity, love of movement and desire for everybody to be #MightyFit.

FB: 9,400+ followers
IG: 25,300 followers
TikTok: 26,100+ followers

Ida Paras

Ida Paras


While most women avoid building “too much muscle”, Ida advocates for strength for women. She offers intelligent and practical information for the ladies who want to be the best version of themselves.

IG: 15,200+ followers
TikTok: 6,000+ followers


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