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Redefining the Dynamic World of Content Creation

Unbox Creator Network (UCN) is a Talent Management, Advertising, and Events Company founded by Carlo Ople.  He’s a content creator, digital entrepreneur, and the editor-in-chief of Unbox Ph, one of the top tech websites in the country today.

Carlo Ople, content creator and digital entrepreneur.




“Stop thinking like an influencer and start thinking like an entrepreneur; your content may work in some platforms and may not do well in others. The key is to try and see what works for you.”






At UCN, we don’t only close brand deals for content creators but we also equip, empower and encourage them to go beyond their limits and become CEOs of their own businesses.  There are numerous ways to go about it.  One of which is by producing merch for content creators.

Mary Bautista, the Philippines’ top tech YouTuber and exclusive talent of the Network, recently launched her own merch line that her loyal followers, the #famary, will definitely appreciate.



Like Mary, we can also teach you how to make the most out of digital media.  We’re here to help ambitious, hard-working, and forward-looking influencers grow their platforms, have multiple streams of income, and not just rely on earnings from YouTube and brand partnerships.

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