Unbox PH

Legit Tech Couple

Unbox PH The legit tech couple, Jamie and Lea of Unbox PH share a his and hers view of the latest gadgets on the Unbox website and YouTube channel. YT: 130,000+ subscribers

FB: 116,000+ followers
IG: 9,000 + followers
Website: Over 8 million unique visitors a year

Mary Bautista

#1 Tech YouTuber in the Philippines

Mary is the #1 Tech YouTuber in the Philippines. Using Tagalog as her main language in her videos, she makes tech relatable to the average Filipino.

YT: 590,000+ subscribers
FB: 59,000+ followers
IG: 55,700+ followers

Liz Tech

#1 Female Tech YouTuber in the Philippines

Liz is the top Filipina Tech YouTuber . Focusing on entry-level to mid-range devices, she helps her viewers get the most out of their money with their tech

YT: 207,000+ subscribers
FB: 22,000+ followers
IG: 9,500+ followers

Jayson Dionisio

Non-technical Tech Vlogger

Jayson is a fast-growing Lifestyle Tech vlogger. He shares his non-technical perspective on the latest gadgets and devices in his videos.

YT: 47,500+ subscribers
IG: 6,700 followers

Isa Does Tech

Female Tech Lifestyle

7. Isa Does Tech
Isa Does Tech is a woman led YouTube channel which shows off global technology in a lifestyle perspective. It’s all about having a casual approach to technology framed in a way that women and lifestyle users can identify with.

YT: 7,600+ subscribers
FB: 16,500+ followers
IG: 5,800+ followers

Alvin Tries Tech

New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the block, Alvin makes a variety of videos from tech reviews, guides and listacles. With his love for consumer tech, his goal is to help people choose the right gadgets beyond their smartphone.

YT: 7,000+ subscribers
IG: 1,200+ subscribers

Jam Online

Techie Boy Next Door

Jam is your techie boy next door and has been making content about it since he was still a student. He created Jam Online in 2008 and hasn’t stopped sharing what he knows about gadgets ever since. He loves to play Minecraft and give belly rubs to his furchild, Milo.

YT: 33,000+ subscribers
FB: 35,000+ followers

Gadget Pilipinas

Tito of Tech

A certified “Tito” of Tech, Gian, the guy behind Gadget Pilipinas has been creating content about gaming and technology since 2010. He’s a dad to 2 boys who shares his love for tech and anything geeky.

YT: 25,000+ subscribers
FB: 81,000 + followers
IG: 3,000+ followers


Premier Geek Vlog

Ungeek is the premier geek blog in the Philippines. They approach tech in a style suitable to geeks, making it more relatable to the community. They firmly believe that the future belongs to the geeks!

YT: 4,500+ subscribers
FB: 62,000+ followers

Chinkee Tan

Trusted Finance Guru

Chinkee is a trusted finance guru in the Philippines. He is a sought-after motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a wealth coach, a radio anchor and a YouTube content creator who teaches his viewers on financial freedom.

YT: 520,000+ subscribers
FB: 2.2 million+ followers
IG: 146,000+ followers

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Queen of Cosplay

Alodia is the Queen of Cosplay and the #1 streamer in the Philippines. A self-confessed nerd, she is always on the lookout for new tech.

YT: 1.27 million subscribers
FB: Over 6.2 million followers
IG: 1.3 million followers

Carlo Ople

#1 Sneaker and Tech YouTuber

Carlo is the #1 Sneaker and Tech YouTube content creator in the Philippines. He is also a highly successful digital entrepreneur, accomplished corporate executive and shares his passion for sneakers, life and tech on YouTube and Instagram.

YT: 588,000+ subscribers
IG: 137,000+ followers
FB: 44,000+ followers